hi there

hey to all who’ve found this. my words might not be found for a while, for I’ve just wanted something official, not necessarily explicit. so, for now i’ll construct poorly formed sentences from my heart and soul to a white screen within my apple product.

i actually am not entirely positive of how this all works, all i know is that im filled with emotions that may be uncalled for, and i am feeling desperate for somewhere to hide them. ironic, to hide them on the world wide web, for the world wide web to see. hide your treasures in plain sight i guess.

i sometimes write poetry or bring feelings up from my life and pour them out with every possible reason of why they might be here or what’s to come of them. if i don’t know- i’ll guess, and if i do, i’ll let the white screen know with assurance. basically i’m going to write about whatever fills me to the brim. have it be positivity because we all need it. unhappiness i encounter because for some reason we like to hear the hopelessness of others to fill the void of our own unhappiness. i’m thinking mainly due to the fact that we have to make sure someone else has a shittier life than we do. sometimes i’ll swear, but i will try my bestest not to. my mom looks down upon it. oh, i’ll also write about my family. the ones who’ve donated their time and money to help raise me. (maybe because they love me????) i’ll try to write about my relationships, not that i’ve had any acadamy awards winners, but i’ll tell you anyways. i’ll write about many more things that i’ve encountered and maybe some wandering mind will have fallen upon my word vomit and maybe, just maybe, let me know how it looks on the other side of the white screen.

i conclude my thoughts for now, enjoy the rest of your day. if you can’t, you’re lazy, and if you are it better be constructive enjoyment.



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