i’ve been at my current place of work for just over a year. i started off really liking my job, and  i guess i was hecka good at it because my boss asked me to step up and kind of be a lil part-time assistant manager. i was really excited, and proud of myself that i’ve blossomed so fast and nicely at my new job. i of course took the ‘promotion’. well, this was back in december of 2016, to which now i am doing managerial duties without the managerial pay… i am being told by my immediate boss and the guy above her that i have to finish ‘the training book’ before i can get ‘more money’… well, i work in a coffee bar kiosk thing in a big grocery store. we usually have 1 or 2 people working, 3 on our busy days. we make just enough money to keep the place running. both bosses have neglected to give me time to learn this book. i work a lot by myself and business is steady to which i haven’t the time to learn this book. i was supposed to be ‘certified’ by the company’s district manager march 3rd, and it never happened because my immediate manager emailed her saying i wasn’t ready. then that lady left and we had more time with our new district manager and he gave us until may 12th. well may 12th i was to graduate and i was under stress of finals and such to even come to work to not have enough time to learn this book. so, my immediate boss told this guy to come june 12, aka, my 21st. she didn’t even talk to me about it or even check the request off book to see if i was even able to work that day. so, after she informed me of her plan i let her know that it was my birthday. so SHE DOESN’T EVEN EMAIL THIS GUY BACK TO LET HIM KNOW I WASNT GOING TO BE THERE TO RESCHEDULE! he found out the day of that i wasn’t at work. at this point, this guy probably thinks i dont exist. i’ve never met him before or spoke to him. so, we hire a new girl, and i haven’t a clue how this came up, but she ends up telling me her starting pay. which is my current pay…. yes i know, a whole lotta bullshit if you ask me. so, I am about to confront the boss above my immediate boss, but my boss already warned him i was about to say something. so this guy confronts me with customers around asking me when i’m to be certified, so that i can finally get that pay raise. i was stunned when he asked me like that. THEN HE NOTIFIES ME THAT I’LL ONLY BE GETTING $.50! FIFTY CENTS?!? ha, so at this point i’m like what the fuck they think i’m a mother fucking joke! well, the district manager is coming july 1st, and i’m going into work tomorrow to let them know that i am no longer interested in this position. the sucky part is that i am sort of close to my immediate boss, she’s like my work mom, and i feel like i’m screwing her over in a way. but for once in my life i need to stick up for myself. i can’t hurry to rush with this damn book to be ready. they offered me extra hours to come into work to sit and read it, but i’m thinking that they should of offered me that months ago! so, i’m just going to bite the bullet in the a.m.

goodnight white screen.



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