shmolitics & fam history

    my political views are completely and utterly a blended version of whatever i want. my father is for whomever agrees that people who come to the U.S. legally with papers. like those born in the U.S. are legally documented citizens of the U.S. those who come to live here come with their proper identification. it’s just how it’s always been. i understand the legal process here is hard and long, but it is possible. my mother and her family are from Zagreb, Croatia. they came to the United States in 1967 to escape communism in their country. now, back then was even harder because you had to know someone to vouch for you in the U.S., you had to be knowledgeable of the U.S. and learn english. since my mother and her sister were younger it was easier for them to learn english quite quickly, as for my grandfather and grandmother it was more difficult. 

    i call my grandfather dedac [ded-uhtz]  and my grandmother nana [nah-nah]. they were born and raised in Croatia, and met in college. my nana said she was extremely attracted to my dedac, i do have to say he was quite handsome. back in Zagreb (capital of Croatia) my nana was an extremely well-educated woman. she was a microbiologist. my dedac, however was a spoiled child and didn’t quite ‘get it’. by ‘it’ i mean responsibility n such. but he still was a respected man with an education. they were not uneducated people is what i’m trying to establish here. 

    coming to the U.S. from a foreign country is an entirely another way of life. my grandparents started their entire careers over, and by career i mean working obnoxiously hard for little pay in some god-awful factory. they lived in good ole Chicago, Illinois. at first my grandparents worked in a factory but then my nana worked in a hospital kitchen and my dedac as a janitor. not the greatest of jobs, but it was a job that put food on the table and they were able to establish themselves. 

    my nana, still knowledgeable of microbiology, slaved away in a hospital kitchen with other women. one woman spoke Italian, and my nana knew Italian as well. (she also knows French, German, and some Russian. like i said, not uneducated!) well this Italian woman knew english too, and also knew that the hospital was in need of a microbiologist. my nana and this woman communicated and eventually this lady took my nana by the hand and rushed her to whomever was in charge. my nana ended up becoming the new microbiologist at that hospital along with a few other hospitals that she has come to work at over the past 30 years. unfortunately she is cooped up in her house, 88 years old with dementia and my arrogant, selfish, martyr of an aunt is to be in charge of her. that’s a whole another white screen vent. 

    so, it ended up being my nana to be the main bread winner in my mother’s family. it took them a while to get to the U.S. and get all situated  and i understand that this story is nothing compared to others whom are still waiting to get their papers after years of playing the waiting game. but, that’s our corrupt system for ya. 



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